DESCALMENDRA is the Spanish almonds cracker association at national level, which was set up on the 15th July, 2005. It is a nationwide association without profit which has its own legal personality, whose objectives are to represent, manage, defend and promote the members’ interests. Nowadays DESCALMENDRA gathers the most representative companies of the Spanish cracking sector.

From its creation DESCALMENDRA works to provide the Spanish cracker sector with a more structured industry. One of its main aims at present is to contribute to create a world leading almond industry, with its own characteristics which differentiates Spain from other origins. In order to achieve this, it is developing activities with other sections of the Spanish almonds industry. Its main current working lines are to offer a more consistent product with a better quality by means of promoting the single-variety development and ecological almonds, eradicating bitter almonds, etc. In conclusion, its aim is to be able to offer as an industry, an almond which can compete in both the national and international markets.