The Spanish almond cracker industry

Almond Cracker Industry is an important link of the nuts market in Spain.

There are about fifty companies in the Spanish Almond Cracker Industry, which are spread close to the areas of production, mainly alongside the Mediterranean coast.

Traditionally, this companies where mainly small family manufacturers business with a low production rate. In the last times our industry has experienced a boom and expansion, situating us actually at the front row of this discipline with best technical equipment for almond cracking and sorting.

Shelling by cracking the almonds, we obtain the kernel from the almond nut in-shell delivered by the producer.

This process, which in ancient times used to be handmade, today has been replaced by machinery with important technical innovations, taking care in each case, of the different varieties, types of shell, rejections, etc.

Food quality and safety are basically in our work, giving our almonds to the industrial or merchant in optimal conditions to eat or to further processing.

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